At the end, motorcyclists are not that bad


Who said the motorcyclists do not like to interact with other groups of people? In a establishment located in Água Verde, this stereotype does not exist.

The Claymore Bar, known by your clients as “Bar do Paulo”, attracts a lot of motorcyclists groups, rockers and, believe it or not, families. The local public isn’t that young. Most of them have between 30 and 40 years old and the majority attends the place for more than 5 years.


Credits: Duane Kürten


Every saturday rock bands plays from middle afternoon to evening. At this time there’s no need of soundproof walls. The music seems to be the main factor that unites different types of customers. All kind of parents take their children to enjoy a good rock n ‘roll.


Credits: Duane Kürten

Ricardo, 30, says that he attends the establishment to relax, and that he does not fit in the motorcyclists’s category. “It is apparent that the motorcyclists are the majority here, but they do not dominate the bar. Unlike the stereotype we know about them, they are very quiet and come here for the same reasons of everyone else: the music and to drink a cold ice beer”.

Because of the fact that the bar only works in the afternoon, the clients stated that the establishment is appropriate for childrens. The merchant, Sérgio, 47, is a member of the motorcyclists’s group “Largados da Ordem”. He says that his daughter goes with him to the Claymore Bar almost every Saturday. “She loves coming here because there are so many other kids that she can talk to. I think Paulo’s Bar is sensational. Here, we are not labeled as the bad guys. Everyone is very open to chat”.


By Duane Kürten


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