Curitiba is green


Is Curitiba good for going vegetarian?

Anyone who lives in Curitiba can assure you: Curitiba is a multicultural and multifaceted city. As a city that is evolving into a “big city”, it comports very different people, with very different styles of living and demands. Slowly, the city is starting to comprehend and absorb the differences in the life styles. One of the biggest examples of that adaptation is the one that happened for the ones that follow a strict diet: vegetarians and vegans. 

For vegetarians and vegans, Curitiba is turning out to be a great place for living. According to IBOPE, our city is the second in Brasil with the biggest amount of vegetarians in relation of the demographic total: 11% of the habitants are adept to the diet.

Due to that, it’s more and more comum to find veggie options on the menus of the most variate types of restaurants. If you’re vegetarian, or vegan, and fancy a romantic dinner, with a great pasta, you should check out Originale Cucina e Pizzeria. If you’re into mexican food, La Santa gives you the best (and the most economic) nachos in Curitiba. If you want a nice lunch and you are short of money, the Semente de Girassol is the place for you. The Green Dog, the Super Dog and the Laricão offer veggie sausages, as you please. And you just have to try one of the Dom Corleone’s vegetarian burgers. These are just a few of the many options you might find here in Curitiba.
Gabrielle Pimenta is vegetarian for almost five years. She goes to university at another city, and, for her, Curitiba really gives the best options. “In Curitiba, even the University Restaurant has vegetarian options. For a vegetarian student, this really makes a difference on the end of month’s budget.”
In Curitiba, vegetarians can live without having to spend a lot to eat healthy, and without being excluded from any type of program.
A little guide with a few vegetarian options:
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