Fistball: is it volleyball? Is it tennis?


A sport that is growing up, especially in Brazil!


The Fistball is a sport created in Europe that has some similarity with Tennis and Volleyball, and it is impossible to say exactly when it was created. The fact is that the Fistball is growing more and more every day and Curitiba has some of the best teams of Brazil. But the sport is “closed” because usually who plays it, are members of clubs that has the structure to support the team.

How you can play it

The Sport is played in a grass field, and each team is composed five players plus the bench. The equipment necessary to play it, is a net and a ball. Watching the game for the first time, you can find some difficulties on understanding the rules, but they are really simple as you can see on the video below.

Difficulties and benefits

We talked with some Fistball players asking them about: the difficulties, how they learned and got interested by the sport, and about the benefits of playing it.

The most common answer about the difficulties was the little investment from the government. As an amateur sport, it suffer with the low number of teams and low knowledge about it. Talking about how they got into the sport, most people talked about a family tradition, that their brothers used to play it and influenced them to play too. The benefits, by the point of view of the players, are the physical and mental improvement. Get to Know different and new people in championship was also mentioned as an important point.

Fistball in Curitiba

In Curitiba there are three Fistball teams: Clube Curitibano, Clube Duque de Caxias and Clube Mercês. Those clubs are always reveling players and putting them on the Brazilian National Team. It’s interesting to say that the government supports some players with a financial aid. Who receive this aid are those players of the three first states with best places in the National Championship.

By James Gabriel and Lucas Hansen


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