Biking At Night


No more excuses! No more laziness! It’s time for you to meet the nocturnal bicycle tours of Curitiba!


urban bicycle

urban bicycle






Alternative is synonymous of Curitiba 

The people of Curitiba have always been known for its diversity and creativity. It is no different when the topic is practicing physical activities. They are always searching for a good way to get in shape, and to achieve that, they practice the most varied types of sports. All those excuses of people who do not practice any physical activity such as: Lack of time, the gym is boring and tedious and fatigue, don’t work anymore. At least that is what the group of night riders of Curitiba is demonstrating.

Why trying it?

The nocturnal bicycle tours seem to have delighted the eyes and bodies of Curitiba, representing a great opportunity, especially for those who have in the night the only time available for practice physical activities. What started in a small way and without much expression, found in the passion for cycling a great ally to get the proportions that it has today. The nocturnal tours are also a great opportunity to meet new people and build friendships through sport, winning in quality of life, reducing stress, increasing cardiorespiratory fitness and many other benefits.

Listening to those who practice

We interviewed Rose Silva, a woman from Curitiba that practices the nocturnal cycling, and asked her three questions about it:

Alternative Curitiba: – How do you met the nocturnal cycling groups?
Rose: – The store that use to make the maintenance of my bicycle created a group of nocturnal cycling, and the owner of the store invited us to participate

Alternative Curitiba: – Why do you have chosen to go cycling at night?
Rose: – Because it was a alternative way of cycling in group and near to my house

Alternative Curitiba: – Do you feel safety riding a bike at night when the visibility is worst?
Rose: – Yes, because we already have ability to that and we have the necessary equipments to feel safety

Where you can find it

For those interested, some sites have grouped all the information you need to find the one tour that best fits your seeks by providing groups, times and locations of exits, pathways and intensity of the walks performed. For exemple:

It is also interesting to point that, if someone has not found a group that fits your needs, is there a nice opportunity to create your own group and further expand the movement.

by: James Gabriel and Lucas Hansen

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