Ukrainian culture revivals through dance


A lot of people doesn’t know, but there are a few groups in Curitiba that spread their love for their foreign culture. 


The Ukrainian Folkloric Group Poltava was raised in 1981, by the Bishop Dom Efrain Basílio Krevey (in memory).It was created with the intention of assemble communities of descendants and supporters of the Ukrainian culture in Curitiba. The place of learning and love for the Ukrainian culture reunited some youth and then the rehearsals of the group started.

Today about 200 people of different ages joined the group. The youngest participant has four years old and the oldest, more the eighty.

Credits: More Cwb

Poltava has a dance department that offers folkloric dance classes to groups divided by: adult, youthful, childlike-youthful, childlike, kindergarten, master and Nailipché Litá (senior). Also offers classic ballet and Slav ballet classes.

The music department holds the Poltava Orchestra, Poltava Choir and the Chapel of Bandurists Fialka which, besides de banduras, instrument typically Ukrainian, has flute and chant classes. Also offers violin classes.

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Credits: Carlos Valdir

The group offers as well religious instruction, Ukrainian language and embroidery classes and Pessânka workshops for all the community.

Monique Benoski, 19 years old, goes to the group since she was born and dances since she was 3. Today, she is choreographer and technical coach of the adult group and claim that is not necessary to be a descendant of Ukrainian to join the group. “The aim is the integration and everybody is here because of the love to the culture. To participate you only have to show up to the rehearsals, have commitment and energy to handle our routine.

The components of the Dance School Poltava pay a symbolic annual fee to transport and costs of the performances. The Chapel of Baduristis Fialka students pay just a matriculation tax.

The group performances annually in the Folkloric and Ethnic Festival of Paraná at the Centro Cultural Teatro Guaíra, at the Ukrainian Dances National Festival which happens in different cities of Brazil, in Choirs Meetings and other punctual events.

The meetings happens through the whole week, at Pará street, 1035 – Água Verde

Next events:

15/11 – XXI Ukrainian Dances National Festival – Irati – PR

07/12 – Ethnics Christmas – Ukrainian Memorial (Parque Tingui)


By Mariana Maranha


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