Stages made of stone


Known as a cultural city, Curitiba has some interesting places for those who like street art. The XV de Novembro such as Das Flores Street, are some really good places to listen free – and quality – music.


Cello player in ‘XV de Novembro’ | Photo by Lucas Cruz

When it’s about listenning live music without paying a penny, Curitiba’s downtown has some perfect choices for you. The XV de Novembro Street is one of the best examples in town. Placed in the middle of the city and recognized as one of the most important comercial centers of Parana State capital, it offers for it’s visitors an incredible and mixed musical experience while walking down it’s rocks.

Beside painters and people making little sculptures of tin wire, you can always listen acoustic presentations of bands and single-artists playing cello, violin, concertina and different kinds of instruments.

The One-man-band

Davi Henn is a really known face for those who walks down ‘XV’ everyday. His music is created with north-american blues influences and it’s fully original. He doesn’t accept random coins as payment, but offers his compositions in a homemade CD for only R$5,00 – around $2 dollars -. When asked about why playing on the streets, Davi has been quite direct: “I don’t like beeing bossed.”.

Some of Davi’s instruments are made by himself, as the ‘xilobatelin’, a mix of drum and harmonica that gives us an unique sound experience. “I like making art in a different way. I was a bar singer a long time ago, when I realized my music was serving to the wrong propposals. Art’s for people. So it’s how I ended here.” he says.

Henn’s last album available in Youtube


Unplaced theather


Carlos Barros, street painter | Photo by Lucas Cruz

Another home for street art fans is Das Flores, a Curitiban street full of clowns, living statues and musicians for it’s extension.

Claudio Barros was born in Sao Paulo but raised in Curitiba. As a painter, he considers Das Flores an inspiration for his job: “I connect with people when they ask about my job, or just spend some time there, watching me paint.”

Barros’s work was already shown in important places like ‘Bienal de Curitiba’ and ‘Centro Cultural Paranaense’. Thanks for the streets – and the artists, of course – we don’t have to pay to conffer Claudio or Davi’s work.

Do you know any other place in Curitiba where can our readers look for more street art exhibition? Tell us in the comments!

By Lucas Cruz


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