Drifting Trikes


A new sport that came from new zealand is already causing a big traffic jam on some curitiba’s slopes.  

Drifting trike?

Created in new Zealand, the Drift Trikes seems  like an hybrid evolution of ball bearing trolleys with BMX Bike, and it promises a hight level of adrenalin to those that likes radical sports.

These vehicles are also called as trikes. They use the front part of a BMX Bike and two plastic wheels at the back part of the vehicle. The seat is plastic with clamshell, and breaking is usually done thought maneuvers and also with their feet, although  many models use brake assembly on the front wheel. Traditionally, the drift trikes are used in descending hills with curves, where riders will sliding from one side to the other, taking advantage of the plastic wheels that have less friccion with the asphalt.

The Beginning

The firsts types were produced in an handmade way, reusing parts of used bikes. On the internet, the records od trikes began to appear in 2008, but no one knows for sure when they arose. It was also through the worldwide network of computers that the idea has spread and now there are already some companies producing these tricycles professionally The evolution has been so rapid that already exist motorized trikes, eliminating external assistance uphill 

Trike Industry

In New Zealand the main trikes mark is MadAzz, created by one of the young pioneers of the sport. Here the first company to build a trike was a Dream Bike, which already has 19 years in the Brazilian market of tricycles and BMX.


The Brazilian pilots are spread over several cities, especially São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Curitiba – due to the different slopes of the sites.

It’s a personnel generally comes skateboard or has an older age, who had a cart of old ball bearings, or even if BMX fears due to falling.The profile is variated.

by: James Gabriel and Lucas Hansen


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