New possibilities with the hockey in-line


If there is no snow on Curitiba, the hockey can still be played, but in a different way

The origin

There is a legend commonly accepted in Brazil which says that the hockey in-line emerged in the early 90s when professional hockey players on the ice saw on the emergence of in-line skates an opportunity to continue practicing the sport during the summer months.

This story has a hint of truth, but the story about the origin of the in-line hockey has not only a source: in addition to hockey ice practitioners who sought conditioning during the hottest months of the northern hemisphere, there were traditional hockey players adopted the in skates line looking for agility and speed and practitioners of street children who used hockey in search of fun.


Each team need at least 8 players and the maximum of 16 players. Usually is played with 5 players and not with 6 like the ice hockey. The objective of the game is try to convert the maximum number of goals with a plastic disk named puck. The players can use the stick or the skate to kick the puck ( but not make the goal with it). The hands can be used to cut air passes but, can not be used to create an oportunity of goal.
This game is played in four times of twelve minutes and each team heve the oportunity to use the timeout of one minute at two minutes. If the game ends in a draw, it will be decided in a extra time of 5 minutes in sudden death, if the tie still persists , penalty shoot-out will be necessary.

Where can you play hockey at curitiba?


Responsable: Ali Nabi Jezzini
Where: Tarumã Ginasium – Av Victor Ferreira do Amaral 1749 , Curitiba, Paraná – Saturday at 16:00 until 20:30.


Responsable: Caio Manetti ou Flávio Felipe da Silva
Where: Av. 3 Marias, 274 – São Brás – Curitiba, PR – Brasil


Responsable: Mathias Fisher / Eneas Marcondes
Where: Colégio Humberto A. Castelo Branco – R. Rio São Francisco, 160 – Pinhais/PR

Those who play it usually say that it is a expensive sport because you need imported products, but it is rewarding. Hockey in-line is a very good way to lose weight in addition to promove a time enjoing a good time with new friends.

by: James Gabriel


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