Since before the 40’s women from the whole world fight to be respected and have the same rights as men do. A Curitiba’s City Hall Campaign speaks up for these girls and women.  

The Exclusive Bus Project

At november 17th, it was rejected at the city council, a proposal to create an exclusive bus to woman in Curitiba. The project had twenty two votes against, seven in favor of and two abstentions.

Most of the votes against it, classified the measure as segregated, because it only separates men and women, and it’s not a practical resolution to the prejudice gender questions, including siege and violence against women.

In the other hand, those who supported the idea said they were tired of the daily abuses inside the bus and claim for a more quality transport.

The Campaign

Despite the Project has been archived, it was launched on Tuesday (25) – The International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women – the “Bus With No Abuse” Campaign, against the siege at the public transport. The Campaign was created by Curitiba’s City Hall in association with Curitiba’s buses companies and also with the syndicate of drivers.

Credits: Prefeitura de Curitiba

Credits: Prefeitura de Curitiba

Through a primer, posters and the internet, the Campaign will instruct women – and also other passengers and public transport employees – to identify sexual abuse cases and what to do to denounce these situations.

The primer make clear which attitudes can be considered sexual abuse: when the man strokes or rubs the woman; when he does indecent commentaries; grasp or try to immobilize the victim or even when he exposes his genital.

Otherwise, it’s important to establish the difference between what is abuse and what is a simple physic contact. Mostly at the rush time, when the buses are crowded, it’s normal that, dislocating inside de vehicle, the passengers collide to each others. These physic contacts are quick and can’t be considered abuse.

Women must not be quiet about this

The sexual abuse cases at the public transport must be denounced immediately through the phone 153, of the Municipal Guard, or through 190, of the Military Police. The Guard is prepared to, as soon as it receives the denounce, draft a vehicle to intercept the bus where the case occurred.

“Any kind of violence, abuse and prejudice against women it’s unacceptable. With this Campaign, Curitiba gives an important step through the defense of the rights of the women.” Said the mayor Gustavo Fruet during the launch of the campaign.

The mayor said also that, in a short time, judiciary posts must be implanted inside the buses terminals.

Credits: Prefeitura de Curitiba

Credits: Prefeitura de Curitiba









The Campaign also promoves the #Buswithnoabuse Challenge, which invite women to take a photo with the Campaign gesture, post on Instagram with the hashtag #Buswithnoabuse and challenge three other people to do the same. Following the Ice Bucket Challenge line, the “joke” has the intention to publicize and make it a viral.

Credits: TudoOrna

Credits: TudoOrna

Credits: Sarah Hayward

Credits: Sarah Hayward

















The campaign images are inspired at the famous poster created by J. Howard Miller at the forty’s, when a lot of women assumed the word in a factory of war material, in replacement of the men who served the American Army during the Second War. With the phrase “We Can Do It”, the poster became a symbol of the power and strength of the women.

Credits: HelloGiggles

Credits: HelloGiggles

Credits: Sarah Sandin

Credits: Sarah Sandin
















By Mariana Maranha


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